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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Adidas and Nike are now two world sports brand giants, each to share a larger piece of the pie in a highly competitive market, from North America, Europe and "fight" to Asia. Years ago, the two invariably their Greater China headquarters in Shanghai; later even the flagship store, has to be done next door neighbor, were selected Huaihai Road shopping district. Synchronous compatriots seem brotherly, but it is running out of a commercial - without smoke a battle for Shanghai strategy carried out. About a year ago, the new adidas Group China headquarters in Shanghai opened. The new China headquarters is located at Shanghai ICC office building, with a total area of ??17,485 square meters, across seven floors, the space increased by more than 20% higher than the office site, become the heart of the adidas Group China region. Adidas Greater China attaches great importance to the opening of the new headquarters, that its has great strategic significance, "With our rapid development in China, the original office space stretched, we need to expand the headquarters office space cheap air jordans , thus better providing support to employees. " Adi move, Nike has not been idle. Earlier this year, Nike Group announced the Nike employees in Shanghai to build a new area of ??approximately 600,000 square feet concentrated in Greater China headquarters. Was vice president of Nike Group, general manager of the Nike Greater China, said Qi Kaige: The new headquarters will not only all Shanghai Nike Group's employees and to work with the brand concentrated in the same area and the company's office facilities and operational capacity has been improved and expanded. has experienced successive years of rapid growth period, along with rising labor costs, rising rents, transportation and other costs, as well as open up the first-line market is almost saturated, Adidas and Nike in China's development has entered a bottleneck, everyone faced with the transition to open up the task. At this juncture, Adidas and Nike invariably choose to enable the new headquarters, and still the headquarters in Shanghai, have its overall consideration, just as many years ago the Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai the same. 2003, Adidas will be the three major bran jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ches in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan merged Greater China, and is headquartered in Shanghai. Adidas hopes to promote the Chinese regional markets by combining complementary strengths. While the Adidas company registered in Shanghai's back garden - Suzhou, but it was just a factory production line, while the real brain - management, but in Shanghai, "Shanghai can play the best radiation effects." Even when the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, as the Olympic sponsor Adidas did not give up this strategy. Bi Adi Nike's action earlier step. January 2002, Nike took Hong Kong as a subsidiary incorporated Nike Greater China headquarters in Shanghai controlled by Nike. After a lot of public relations consultancy, finishing after the discovery of such economic center of Shanghai is the focus of their organizing events. "Tennis Masters Cup, NBA preseason, Tiger? Woods to Shanghai, is a marketing opportunity." In Greater China headquarters moved to Shanghai after the market has also been given two sports brand giant huge returns. Nike's fiscal 2011 second quarter report: As of November 30, 2011, the Nike Greater China revenue of $ 482 million, an inc jordan 3 katrina 2018 rease of 20%. From the earnings perspective, Nike Greater China region pretax profit of $ 174 million, an increase of 39%, Nike global market, an increase of six highest, the North American market with an 24% increase in second place. Adidas announced first half 2012 earnings report, sales in China grew 19%. For the Asia-Pacific regional headquarters of multinational location, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has a list of the five most important factors: close to customers and markets; favorable legal and regulatory environment; stable and favorable political environment; Good business environment; favorable tax environment. With the establishment of a free trade zone, Shanghai showing the advantages of more respect. When China to embrace the world more open attitude, more urgent world eyeing China, Shanghai is undoubtedly the world is starting to become the "economic field" another center: More and more elements and innovation resource wealth, toward Shanghai. Adidas and Nike high-level exchanges with reporters in both said that since the establishment of free trade zone, a better environment, more opportunities, but also to their developm jordans on sale online ent has brought new opportunities. Currently Adidas has built a 'road towards 2015' strategy, Nike also plans to move into new headquarters in the first quarter of 2014, new opportunities, they look forward to the new development, across a new height. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] adidas Group China today announced the official opening of a new office in Beijing, in order to further reinforce the northern market. This is the last three years Adidas unveiled in China, the third new office. Opening of the new site will not only promote the company's growing business in the northern region, also helps Adidas implementation of "the road leading to the 2015" strategy, guarantee the realization of long-term business planning. According to this strategy, Adidas will be committed to become China's leading sports brand. China is the second largest market for Adidas, the company maintained a double-digit annual growth rate in this market, where growth in the northern region is particularly sign jordans on sale mens ificant. Northern Region office under the jurisdiction of Beijing eight provinces and municipalities for the adidas business in China contributed an indelible mark. Under the guidance of "the road leading to the 2015" strategy, Adidas is focusing on low-tier cities to expand the retail business coverage. Currently, the company store across the northern region of more than 80% five or six cities. Only in 2012, Adidas in China opened nearly 800 new retail stores, of which there are 240 in northern regions. High Skyline General Manager of Greater China director of Adidas Group, said: "For Adidas, the northern region of China is an important market, but also the fastest growing area of ??the new site to enable Beijing office is the 'gateway to 2015. The latest milestone in the road 'strategy. office facilities would be enhanced and the working environment can be improved, which will help expand the scale of our business in the region, and to promote closer collaboration between internal teams to better serve our North customers in the region. " In recent years, Adidas has also focused on the creation of the subdivision in the northern region stor buy cheap jordans online es, opened in Changchun as Adidas Mini brand center, while in Harbin, opened its first outdoor home supplies stores. These stores for the local consumers with more targeted selection of products. In view of the northern region's unique climate and geographical advantages, two-thirds of the Adidas outdoor stores have opened in the area. attend the grand opening ceremony of the new office staff, government officials, the dealer customers, media reporters and company employees. Dongcheng District Business Council director Meng Zhijun said: "From the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the annual Beijing International Marathon, Adidas has maintained the city's economy and development of sports undertakings and work closely and we hope the new office site in the East. Enabling city will help Adidas continues to lead in China sports industry. " The new office is located at the center of Beijing Oriental Plaza, just twenty minutes away from the world's largest Adidas Brand Center Beijing Sanlitun retail stores. The new office area of ??2,292 square meters, has a first-class modern facilities, for close collaboration among employees, and provide support for air jordan 11 space jam for sale the realization of Adidas "the road leading to the 2015" strategic objectives. In order to develop "all-out effort," the corporate culture, the company has focused on expanding and upgrading office space in the past few years. In 2010, the adidas Group is enabled in the Western office in Chengdu, the regional reorganization marked a successful conclusion, last year, the company will Adidas Greater China headquarters in Shanghai office move to a larger area of ??the new site. Currently, Adidas has 2,800 employees in China, often provide opportunities for employees to participate in career development, training, corporate social responsibility and sports activities, and other fields. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)2013, Versace (Versace) released 2013 new winter shoes, designer chose the "punk" as the theme, with plenty of leather and rivets to create a full, both friends Kefan children boots and sandals. Ha just below show Xiaobian a look Versace 2013 new shoes it.2013, Versace (Versace) released 2013 new winter shoes, designer Donatella Versace chose the "punk" as the theme, she used a lot of Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale shiny leather, PVC, sharp silver rivets, both friends Kefan children to build a full boots and sandals. Sharp, thin, sharp sense of punk blowing!Line clothing brands in Europe, the Italian Versace (Versace) is undoubtedly exudes luxury Huayan Guang side of the bright banner. Versace to design iconic to publicity sexy, interpret their own right "punk spirit" of understanding. The "glam" (gorgeous) and "punk" (punk) combined in one.Versace (Versace) represents the vanguard of cultural dress, Donatella Versace with a strong aesthetic interpretation comes from the south of Italy rich cultural affair. The brand's designers to create a lifetime of fashion Versace beauty tireless, known as the world's greatest fashion designers.Versace (Versace) 2013 autumn and winter series of footwear still continues its V style sexy rock route. Footwear, the season more added patent leather material, with exaggerated rivets, but also added a lot of details of the changes. With a sexy Versace iconic publicity to interpret their own right "punk spirit" of understanding.If you are an indulgent pursuit of punk rock fashion people, then how can you miss this with friends Retro jordans for sale Kefan children's shoes? Shiny leather, PVC, sharp silver rivets necessarily your favorite, then might look at Versace (Versace) 2013 new winter shoes slightly.Reebok Kamikaze 2 Mid OG 2013-12-08 22:51:30 the latest real tushang before we reported in "Rain Man" Sean Camp signature shoe Reebok Kamikaze 2 Mid will be available for sale in 2013, engraved on the Internet recently, it exposed the Seattle supersonics Reebok Kamikaze 2 Mid OG matching the new reward. Although Seattle has no NBA team, but this pair of boots or classic our thoughts back to the 95-96 season the Sonics reach the finals for the first time during the glory years. It is learned that this Reebok Kamikaze 2 Mid OG will be released later this month, and friends like to pay close attention to it. for shoes sale caused by the dispute, for the Sneaker group has been flattering, but because to buy shoes, pulled out to grab "Biu Biu" event is very rare, at least in our country will not happen, because our citizens do not have guns, only to a few words, "greetings" about each other the other family even if the trouble, therefore, our country legal system is very important. Last week cheap foamposites , Minnesota's Broolyn center Foot Locker Air Jordan shoe sale 2 "Wing It", Air Jordan; 12 GS, in the queuing process, a shooting incident, two men injured, and the crowd scattered with panic to escape, is still there. So small for this event here advise Sneaker, sometimes it takes a step back, because there are a lot of shoes, as boundless as the sea and sky "style, but only one life.display at the headquarters of the Nike shoe exhibits, nature is the object Sneaker enthusiasts pilgrimage to worship Michael Jordan my pro sneakers. From the beginning of his career, the white Air Jordan 1, to the Air Jordan 18 worn by the wizards, is very attractive not only in the first year, but also in the minds of visitors. and for this you, what a MJ OG Air Jordan through the first year of shoes is your favorite? 〈br air="" jordan="" 11986 Air Jordan 21987 Air Jordan 31988 Air Jordan 41989 Air Jordan 51990 Air Jordan 61991 〈br air="" jordan="" 71992 Air Jordan 111996 Air Jordan 121997 〈br air="" jordan="" 131998 Air Jordan 141998 Air Jordan 182003 Shawn Yue up foot Air Jordan to participate in street basketball match 2014-02-24 20:57:43 recently by the Japanese trend brand Bape's branch line AAPE held a 3 pairs of 3 street basketball match, led by Hongkong artist Shawn Yue cross state industrial team also participate in the competition, and in the game, Shawn Yue also personally play, display basketball skills. But before the game, the game Air Jordan series is a foot on a Air Jordan 13 "He Got Game" at the scene, after the start of the game and immediately put on a pair of Air Jordan 10. Air Jordan 4 red / White / black new color real exposure 2013-12-08 23:00:52 today, appeared on the network of the group is tentatively scheduled to fall Air Jordan 4 Retro the double spy, before the Cameron Anthony on foot, rumored to be the body of the shoe suede material with new color now to Nubuc material to build, you will a little bit disappointed? But the ultra high popularity between Air Jordan 4 will attract a large number of friends when it is on sale. It is reported that the price is 160 dollars, please be patient.The famous American shoe designer Ronnie Fieg once again teamed up with PUMA's popular XT-2 shoes is modeled to create new joint, while the Dover Street Market is a series of special limited edition. This consists of two black and white color, all with small leather and leather lining made of grain texture is delicate, and equipped with Trinomic damping system. Ronnie-Fieg-x-Puma-XT-2-01.jpg (122.66 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-5-7 20:37 upload Ronnie-Fieg-x-Puma-XT-2-02.jpg (219.59 KB, download number: 25) download 2014-5-7 20:37 Ronnie Fieg Puma XT-2 upload , Dover, Street Market, damping system, designer 00Source: Author: Click: Jakarta police wear skate shoes with famous traffic directing traffic in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, the traffic police department to set up a new "skating police squad to deal with the problem of traffic congestion. With 14 million inhabitants of Jakarta is one of Asia's worst traffic in the city, even the traffic police on duty are often trapped on the road. Jakarta police wear skate shoes direct traffic in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta is famous for the traffic jam, the traffic police department to set up a new "skating police squad to deal with the problem of traffic congestion. With 14 million inhabitants of Jakarta is one of Asia's worst traffic in the city, even the traffic police on duty are often trapped on the road. (editor in chief: admin)The day before, VisVim will launch four new color LOGAN LO series. Each pair of shoes are made of pure color tannin cloth, and the inside is also using breathable leather material, so that the shoes breathable comfortable, not only retains the overall simplicity of the Japanese style of design, material selection is also more prominent American style. At present, the four pairs of shoes have been sold, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. " Flyknit 4.0" new fashion Maison Margiela Runner 2017-01-10 15:15:38 Nike Flyknit series is undoubtedly one of the most successful running shoes in recent years, and its powerful charm has affected the field of high fashion. Recently, Maison Margiela exposed a sports shoes like Nike Flyknit 4, black lacquer effect vamp and white rubber outsole, high street style is full. Of course, as everyone knows, the shoes of Maison Margiela are never cheap. The shoes are sold for 435 dollars and are now on sale. The interested friends may wish to start with a pair.